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Quality Policy

To achieve total customer satisfaction,We shall strive for competitiveness continuous improvement and excellence through human resource development.

Environmental Policy

Fine Components(Thailand)co.,ltd. is producing automotive parts and committed to continually improve environmental performance by implementing a sound environmentalmanagement system. To achieve this our objective we are guided bythe following principles.

  • We will commit to control the environment impacts from our wastages generation,air pollution and beneficialy use of resources.
  • We will strive to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, corporate policies and other applicable requirements.
  • We will execute training programs to build environmental awareness of our employees and enhance their knowledge and skills to ensure competence.It is with pleasure that the company will publicise this policy to the public.


  • Start F/B in Singapore (Pioneer in F/B in South East Asia)
  • Relocated from Singapore to Thailand
  • Received ISO 9001:2000
  • Ingress Corporation Berhad acquires 100 % of Fine components
  • Certified TS16949 : 2002
  • Mass Prod. Of Sprocket Gear for Kawasaki Motor Thailand
  • Mass Prod. Of BACK PLATE for Federal Mogul (THAILAND)
  • Transfer MMTh & AAT tooling from IAV to FCT
  • Design & Fabrication HATC 2PS & 2AP and MMTh 3E45 Tooling for IAV
  • Design & Fabrication Cam Camber Plate (Isuzu RT50) Tooling for Thai Asakawa
  • Invested in new Press 315T Normal Stamping
  • Awarded Tooling and Stamping for Latch and Sprocket Gear from SCC.
  • Design & Fabrication of Retaining Hook Tooling (for Xcellent Manufacturing) , D46T (Project for ICES&IPSB) ,Module Mounting Bracket (for Valeo Michigan)
  • Design & Fabrication for B299 project which use with Ford Fiesta (for Johnson Control customer).
  • Mass Prod. Of Flange Logan , Bracket 100 for VCCT .
  • Mass Prod. Of Bracket LH/RH for Valeo Michigan
  • Awarded New Flange for Mazda 2 from VCCT , SOP Feb-2011
  • Awarded GMI700 Bracket & Bar Sub Assy from IAV Rayong , SOP Q3-2011
  • Awarded MMTh EL Bracket from IAV-Rayong , SOP Q1-2012
  • Awarded GMI700 Plate & Washer from TAC , SOP Q3-2011
  • Awarded Nissan X12F & Suzuki YP5 Sector Gear from Wisdom , SOP Q1-2012
  • Penetrated New Customers MPM for Cover Engine and Siam Senater for Sector Gear model EL
  • Completed installation New Press 500T Normal Stamping
  • Mass Prod. For GMI700 Project : Bracket , Washer , Sub Assy Bar
  • Awarded New Customer : Bridgestone NCR for Plate current TOYOTA IMV project
  • Awarded Bracket for VCCT model : MMTh KEI , Suzuki YLA
  • Installation new Fine Blanking 320T
  • Mass production Bracket for VCCT model : Suzuki YL7 ,Subaru FM1
  • Design and fabrication for SP metal model : RT50
  • Signed JV Agreement with Iwamoto
  • Started Die Making Business with TOPRE, ITSB, Valeo SIam
  • Mass production of Shackle for TAC’s Toyota New IMV
  • Invested in New Double Column MC,800T trial Press,Wire Cut
  • Mass Prod of Mazda 2's Brackets for Valeo Siam
  • Mass Prod of Honda 2SV's' Brackets for Topre
  • Die Making Projects for Topre,ITSB,IKTC,Iwamoto
  • Mass Prod of Honda 2HX's Brackets for Topre
  • Mass Prod Nissan P60A’s Brackets for Topre (September'2017)